Hypothesis : In the near future, an area of natural reserve is under protection.
The film takes place in the year 2150 on the island of Rügen.
ILJA (IDEALE LANDSCHAFT JÄGERIN ANDROID) is a type of Android built in Germany.
They are new class of robots made to observe the landscape.
Their abilities include contemplation.
A tale of the future which investigates a collective history, a legacy and a transmission.
A journey through space-time and the mythologies carried out by the sites.
The film questions Romantism by reactivating the figure of the « Wanderer » by Caspar David Friedrich in the form of an artificial creature.
It confronts the notion of artificial landscape, irreal and the search of the ideal; insulation and the solitude in the nature.

With Ulrike Huth & Youri Gagarine
Text Alice Evermore
Costume Misa Ishibashi
Music Nicolas Mallet & Clara Rockmore

with the Support of Villa Médicis « Hors les murs »