The Orbit
installation with Marta Orlando 2018
installation, films programmation
72 hours nonstop screening
the event is supported by Souzy tros, Victoria Square Project, Atthebar and Marino Pascal - Kalanea, Athens

The Orbit project is inspired from “soumen biografi cinema“ an interesting unrealised architectural project by the famous architect Alvar Aalto.
Alvar Aalto’ s cinema meant to mark the gap between modernism and the beginning of organic architecture which on the contrary of rationalism and functionalism funded the principals to connect human being to nature through the shape of design and buildings.

According with Hakim Bey’s TAZ (temporary autonomous zone) Marta Orlando and Clémentine Roy built an installation which turn to be an actual room to screen films and artists video for 72 hours continuously. the selection is directed towards works not yet showed
or which are not in the mainstream flux: independents, coming from small productions, experimental enough to attempt such non stop platform that links together filmmakers, artists, and locals. ORBIT_view night.jpg ORBIT_ view night sleep.jpg ORBIT_ view night detail.jpg ORBIT_ view day love&emotion.jpg ORBIT .jpg