WISH WE WERE HERE, light installation,

in the framework of INDISCIPLINES, Nice, May-June 2009.

Work in collaboration with Christine de la Garenne

Project of de-routing a luminous map

To create a new initiative for the city of Nice, we are proposing to light up unusual spaces. 
The city already entails a Utopian quality though it is often obscured by the impediments of day-to-day life. 
In order to open up new viewing aspects and divert the passer-by, we want to bring to light the small things that compose the urban complex, just as the monuments and the palaces do. 
We intend to redirect one’s attention to a human scale. 
To re-route and illuminate places otherwise uninteresting, reveal hidden details, and reanimate dead angles. 
We hope to question our landmarks by the shutting down the lighting of official buildings. 
Can we imagine a city where the palace would not be illuminated for one night or for a cycle of time? We might admire them by the light of the moon, beneath the stars. 
A wonderful, visual delight may take place. 
The extra-luminous device is composed of halogen lights, which are connected to the public electricity system. The lamps follow the rhythm of the city. 
The implementation is ephemeral, moving, and precarious.

Let new behaviours emerge through new places.

"We propose to invent some new moving decors.(...)

Darkness in front of lightning and the seasons in front of the climatised rooms: the night and the summer are losing their charms; the sunrise is disappearing. The inhabitant of the city thinks they are moving away from the cosmic reality and he no longer dreams for this. The reason is evident: the dream starts in reality and is realised within it."

Formulaire pour un urbanisme nouveau, 1953, Ivan Chtcheglov.


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