1er jour artificiel  

a one day intervention in a 150m2 space, june 17th 2002, in Espace Beaurepaire.


posing one’s feet on a strangely soft and smooth floor. its grass.

always the same temperature.

a gently breeze.

we are outside.

the first artifical day.

a one day intervention in a 150 m2 space, june 17th 2002 in paris, in espace beaurepaire.

the floor is covered by a slightly humid grass carpet.

five air-conditioners are continous connected during the duration of the installation, creating an ambient breeze.

the windows are covered by blue/green filters.

a soundtrack consisting of remixed insects and birds songs, is diffused in a loop on two sound sources.

the spectator is led to experience the space as an artifical environment.


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